Simply amazing

For years I was having problems with my dryer due to the vent getting clog during the winter. Over the years nobody could figure out how to solve this problem. My dryer vent goes through my attic where there is no climate control. Your tech Bryan didn't hesitate and proceeded to remove the screen covering the opening by the roof. Needless to say, I had no problems at all this past winter. So, thank you Scrub-A-Duct and, especially to you Bryan. Great job.

Walter Ford

Excellent, professional service

The General Manager of Scrub-A-Duct came to inspect and clean out our residential dryer vent. He pointed out how the vent could have been installed differently for more efficiency and also showed that the current vent was not secured to the outside access opening. He secured the vent without charge. (We had a dryer vent company install the new venting system two years ago. What a ripoff they were!)

The GM was very patient and professional with all of my questions and worked hard to keep within the timeframe for the price quoted.

I will be calling them again and highly recommend them. Great quality and competitive pricing!

D. Jones

AMAZING Service!

What a professional, helpful company! I cannot recommend them enough! The were prompt, informative, and very professional! They went above and beyond! I would highly recommend using them! I just cannot even begin to say enough kind words about this company!

Jennifer waltz
Cest Le Vir

Excellent Service

The technician was amazing.

He did a wonderful job and was
so pleasant.

I would definitely recommend this
company and this particular technician
to my family and friends.

Nancy Evegan

My Dryer Took Forever Until The Duck Truck Came!

I am absolutely thrilled with my dryer vent cleaning and repair. Scrub-A-Duct figured out the problem and then fixed it in a very professional manner. My dryer used to take 2 hours to do a load and now it only takes 30 minutes!!!

Sheri Rubin

You really did let me see how well you work and your work was GREAT! Job well done.

I would have tried your service even without a coupon, because I wanted to see a camera inspection. You were right. You gave me peace of mind after seeing the lint gone! Thank you!

Pat Mainardi

Great Serivce

On time, friendly, and easy to work with! Great Job!!!

Todd Goodrich
T&S Hardscape

Life Changing! Incredible workmanship!

I truly believe that this company saved our house from a future fire/catastrophe. We had no idea just how clogged our dryer vent was. Our dryer is relatively new (4 years old) & it has a "sensor" feature which was actually what sold us on this particular model (when & if it senses moisture, it'll stay on 'til the clothes are dry....Nice, right?)

Well needless to say, it always took a MINIMUM of 2 hours to dry a simple load. Usually 2.5 hrs! Every single time. As usual, I just thought (like everything else) "They don't make 'em like they used to".....and so we just thought we had purchased a "wimpy" dryer. When my husband took apart the vent to try & clean it out, he was shocked at just how clogged it was. Then in researching dryer vent cleaning places online, we learned that our vent wasn't even up to code! (mostly vinyl--yikes!). Idiots at P.C. Richard never said a word about it when they set up our new dryer, nor did the FIVE, yes FIVE, PSE&G guys that came (one after the other) to try & find the gas leak (that I kept smelling) that the incompetent P.C. Richard's guy (who hooked up the dryer) left us with! GRR!!!
Now flash forward 4 years later....In walks George the technician from Scrub-A-Duct. From the moment he came to our house, we knew we were in great hands as he explained/showed us exactly how we should re-vent our dryer to make it safer, not to mention "up to code". Everything made perfect sense. Common sense. :) And the entire time he was here, he worked diligently, & precisely, even when he ran into a few problems (as is always the case with our house--as a result of the previous homeowners, or whoever, doing/running everything in such a "wacky" fashion).

Anyway, I could go on & on about this technician named George because BELIEVE YOU ME we have certainly had our fair share of workers come to our home--and getting one with the work ethic of George is extremely hard to come by these days. A rarity.

You know how I always say: "They don't make 'em like they used to?" .....Well, with George, and Scrub-A-Duct...we're thrilled to say they still do!!! :)))

In fact, he cleaned out our dryer so thoroughly, that it looks like it was just delivered! And he cleaned up after himself meticulously. Just a TRULY FANTASTIC job. I will tell everyone I know about this company!

P.S. Did I mention, we lost our previous dryer to a dryer fire? Yup. We're lucky we didn't lose our house. We had no idea that our vent wasn't up to code. We just thought it was because our dryer was 17 years old. Well now we know. And from now on, we will leave the dryer vent cleaning up to the professionals at Scrub-A-Duct, since now we know firsthand that a DIY job can't come close to the professionalism that this company provides.

I feel like we just got a new dryer. That 2.5 hours dry time (which by the way, I also thought might've been due to our loads being so large) has now dwindled down to 30 minutes! AMAZING!!!!

P.S.S. I must admit that I teased my husband when he told me that he had someone from "Scrub-A-Duct" coming over to help us out. I goofed on him about the name of the company thinking it was gonna be a "novelty of a company". Well shame on me as I now KNOW..... that a clever name, CLEARLY represents a CLEVER company.
~~~SCRUB-A-DUCT ROCKS!!!!!!!~~~

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