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Air Duct Cleaning $299 Coupon*

*****Regular $399*****

Research done by the EPA suggests that cleaning heating and cooling system components may improve the efficiency of your system, resulting in a longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance cost savings.

Here are a few reasons to consider air duct cleaning:
•    Development of allergies or the flare up of existing allergies
•    Illness among members of your household with no obvious cause
•    Visible dust and dirt on and around your home’s air vents
•    Visible growth of mold on or around air vents
•    A musty odor coming from your HVAC system

** Dust gathering on return registers is a normal occurrence and doesn’t necessarily mean that your heating and cooling system’s ducts need to be cleaned, but if they seem to get dusty abnormally fast, then it could be a sign that your duct work is in need of a cleaning.


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Many of the HVAC systems around, especially older or poorly maintained systems can become a home for dust, bacteria, mold and other fungi. Some of these contaminants are relatively benign, assuming that no one in your household is allergic. Others can pose a serious health risk and have a dramatic negative impact on indoor air quality in your home.

While the environmental conditions aren’t the same in any two homes, there are a few signs to look for and if you see any of these it might be time to call in a Scrub-A-Duct professional to inspect your home’s air conditioning/heating system for mold and other potentially pathogenic contaminants.

*Air Duct Cleaning Coupon includes 10 supply registers, 10 supply branches, 1 main supply trunk, 1 main return trunk, 1air handler, and 1 main unit.




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