Why Is There Water In My Dryer Vent Line?

When your DRYER vent line is NOT regularly cleaned, lint begins to build up in the line, especially at the bends or where the pipe runs upwards.  When the lint forms a clog, the moisture from your clothing has no place to escape and begins to accumulate in the aluminum piping.  This moisture is absorbed by the lint and when the lint becomes saturated, water will eventually find its way out.

Dryer Vent Clogged with LintThis water may cause:

  • Rotting and weakening of the metal piping, especially in cases where the dryer line has been built with light flex piping.
  • Damage to inner walls and conditions ideal for mold, where ever  moisture has leaked into the walls though screw holes, joints in the line, or rotted flex piping.
  • An invitation for termites where water has leaked out the exhaust end of the pipe and rotted away the exterior of the home.
  • In rare instances, a short in the dryer may occur when water leaks back into the machine.

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