$85 Dryer Vent Cleaning Northern NJ

Dryer Vent Cleaning New Jersey

Let Us Keep You SAFE and Save You $$$

$85 Dryer Vent Cleaning Coupon*

It's time to clean your dryer vent  Avoid a fire!

A Clean Dryer Line Helps Prevent Fires!

A Clean Dryer Line Preserves and Speeds up Your Dryer!

$85 Dryer Vent Cleaning Coupon*!!!

Call or email service@scrubaduct.com with the Coupon code “Clean Vent” and request a scheduled a visit.

Getting your dryer vent cleaned reduces lint buildup in your machine and dryer duct.  Lint buildup can cause dryer machine failures, dryer repair issues, and dryer fires

For gas dryers, a clear dryer line allows dangerous gas residue to escape safely out of your home rather then being trapped inside.

Clean dryer lines allow excess water to evaporate and leave the home, where as clogged lines retain water, sending it back into the dryer itself or into the walls of your home, either through a seam or a section of rotting dryer line.  As a result, water released into your walls can create such long term problems as rot, termites, or mold!

We are not selling mold remediation, but rather mold and fire prevention services.

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*$85 promotion – dryer lines up to 15ft in length.  Travel distance, height and scheduling restrictions apply – Additional charge for camera work – Call for details.

Offer ends soon!!! Other services available upon request

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